What happens when you bring people together around interests, passions and goals? You got the three key ingredients in needed to create a vibrant community.

It’s a formula that Gina Bianchini and Matteo Melani are basing their most recent company – Mightybell – on. Mightybell is where communities learn and share together in groups. Mightybell Communities are designed to grow an organization of local chapters, or a network of learning or discussion groups around particular projects or interests.

Mightybell is unique in giving organizers the ability to create and publish collections of content that appear in every group. Members of those groups can use this community content, create their own content, privately chat with other members, or organize meetups.

Community has become important aspect of relationships in developing and maintaining online audiences. “Watching what a community takes and runs with is one of the most important things any business can do,” says Gina Bianchini, founder of Mightybell. “Community marketing is a dramatically faster way for understanding what works, what doesn’t and where the next generation of opportunities are.” It’s important for companies seeking to build communities to “create the conditions by which people can organize around topics with a high give-a-shit factor. That might be the ability to make money or develop an important skill or take on a new activity.”

Currently the platform powers Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In Community, American Express OPEN’s Shop Small Neighborhood Circles and Skillcrush. Given the fact that Bianchini was CEO of Ning and Melani has held technical leadership positions at Twitter and Microsoft, this duo has the technological know-how and Silicon Valley street cred to once again make “community” the biggest trend in marketing for 2014 and beyond.

Want to build a community for your company, your foodie photos or your obsession with Cosplay and kittens? Well you can – for $2 per user, per month. Go on, we won’t judge – though the Cosplay and kittens does leave some questions…

Nitty Gritty:

  • 2010: Bianchini is featured on the cover of Fast Company, touted as the “CEO Who Has Silicon Valley Buzzing” given her understanding of viral growth.
  • 2010: Bianchini leaves Ning to start Mightybell as a new kind of community platform.
  • 2011: Ning is sold to Glam Media for $150 million.
  • 2012: Mightybell introduces a unique platform for learning and sharing together in small groups.
  • 2013: Bianchini co-founds LeanIn.org and launches Lean In Circles on Mightybell. The Levo League launches “Local Levo” Chapters across major cities on the Mightybell Platform.