Glamping & Consumer Interior Design Trends with David Bromstad

Over the years, glamping has become a huge trend in design and business. Glamping is a term derived from the words “glamorous” and “camping.” The goal of this new cultural trend is to create the ultimate travel experiences while exploring the world. Glamping has spawned AirBnB-like home sharing sites like and, and has become big e-commerce business for retailers like Grass Haven Outdoor.

Glamping is the nostalgia of old school camping, all grown up. Today, the interior design community and retailers around the world are catching on to the idea that glamping means big business for those who do not camp, or in this case “glamp.” I sat down with HGTV personality and interior designer, David Bromstad, to talk about glamping. Here, he explains why this trend has become so popular with consumers and the business side of design.

Why has glamping become such a huge trend in interior design?

People love to camp, and they love being outdoors. I’ve always glamped with my family, but we called it “motorhoming!” We had air conditioning, a toilet, a shower; but this just takes it to a whole other level. You’re a little closer to nature. Glamping makes camping so much more glamorous! It’s why they’re loving it so much; they haven’t seen it before. But now everyone’s catching on!

How has glamping, as a trend, impacted what consumers are buying in stores?

The must-have is obviously outdoor furniture, if you’re going to use it for outside. A lot of people are actually glamping indoors with their families, as well. They’re creating rooms that are full of tents. So don’t be surprised to see a teepee in a kid’s room. If you’re glamping outside, everything has to be outdoor furniture. As far as colors, that’s really up to you because it’s personal taste. While subtle and neutral work, I’m all about color.

How have design stores that sell home goods and accessories started to change their product assortments to cater to what their customers want?

Today’s outdoor furniture doesn’t look like furniture. If you look at my most recent collection with Grandin Road, you’ll notice this, as the fabric doesn’t feel like outdoor fabric and the pillows don’t look like outdoor pillows. Instead, they feel really natural, they look really good and they essentially feel like they belong indoors – which is amazing! That’s where things have really transitioned. You can really bring outside in.

What are three trends in home accessories and decor that you’re watching between 2015-2016?

Well, obviously glamping. I think it’s going to get more dynamic and exciting. I’m also seeing that teepees are one of the new hot things that people are going to want inside and outside. I’m a huge Pinterest fan, and I’ve been seeing people tent their entire room and put a bed in it on there. They’re doing the same thing outdoors for beautiful weather. Also, I’m always looking at colors; I’m always looking for bright, saturated colors. Those can always be mixed with neutrals, which are dominant now because we’re on an economic upswing.

What’s a trend you’re personally spearheading?

A trend I’m personally spearheading adding color to trends through my personal collection with Grandin Road. The David Bromstad Collection is multipurpose. I wanted coffee tables, ottomans and items that could go inside and outside! I wanted people to be able to look at an items and say, “Okay it’s done outside, let’s take it inside to continue using it.”

What are online shops you can’t live without?, and! Who doesn’t love reviews and free shipping? Designers don’t have time to always physically run out to get things!

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