Fashion Brands, Retail x Mobile Strategy: What You Need To Know

Fashion brands and retailers have been talking about mobile and data for years, but we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what we know, what it can do and how it’s going to impact consumer behavior. Learn what you need to know about mobile and sales in this video series I produced for MAGIC. Ara Katz of Spring, Cheryl Cheng of Blue Run Ventures and Mark Evans of Brand Garage talk about what retailers need to know.

#1: Fashion Brands Are Challenged By Mobile Technology

What are the challenges that brands have with mobile technology? How do brands develop mobile strategies that work for them?  Mobile is often not a core competency for brands, here’s how to approach mobile without spending millions of dollars.

#2: What Is A Mobile First Strategy?

What is a mobile first strategy? A mobile first is related to products or services designed for mobile devices before it exists anywhere else. Mobile apps like Instagram, Vine, SnapChat are all mobile first products and services. Mobile first products serve as the bridge between the digital and physical world. Learn how to make them work for you!

#3: Why Is Data So Important

Why is big data so important to brands? The information we gather on our consumers allows us to build smart, psychographic profiles that are more dimensional than ever before. Learn how the two types of data – structured and unstructured – can be used to make better marketing strategies.