Daytripping: Inside Antiques at The Barn

It’s no secret, I’m a die hard antique and vintage store, mall and random place lover. My love of vintage and antiques has even lead to me to start putting some of my awesome finds on etsy in my What Macala Found store!  I don’t know what it is about antique stores that I love so much, but I know it has to do with the curated chaos you find in all of them. Some of the best ones are the ones you have to dig in for sure. So let’s start with Antiques At The Barn in the high desert of California.


Located about 60 miles from Los Angeles, Antiques at the Barn is an old converted airport hanger. On your way there, you’ll pass a closed down prison (I think HBO used it to film Oz) and the county animal shelter. It’s quite a drive up, but it’s well worth the trip.


Let me start by telling you, this place is not for the faint of heart – or those with asthma. It’s big, dirty, dark in places and requires you to dig.


From salvage to old appliances (working and not), scrap materials to old containers, you’re going to find things you never knew existed here. But that what makes it great!


This treasure trove of unrelated things is a destination for the smartest Hollywood set designers, home decor professionals and even seller of vintage goods. I once saw a design professional buy a piece for $85, call her client and sell it to them for $350 – a steal from what I hear on the phone!


If you dig here, you will find the best home accessories and tabletop you can imagine. Love Mercury glass? I’ve never found it cheaper.


Want old bottles and milk containers, they have tons under $5.00. In terms of larger furniture, it’s a little more hit and miss. But when they have good furniture pieces, they’re priced well and they go fast.

Antiques-Ca-4 antiques-california3

Want a huge selection of old electronics and vinyl? Prices here are as good as the selection.

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All you’ll be left wondering after you visit is – did the cat or rooster win?