As people we’re terrified of being ALONE.

Living ALONE.

Being ALONE.

Dying ALONE.

But when you really think of it, is being alone bad? Not really.

Why? Because most often, you were always alone.

Think about how you have lived your life to date. How often has someone help you accomplish or learn something that you were seeking to gain?

If you think really hard, you will most likely find that – with the exception of a few instances – you did it on your own. You drive, your determination, and your passion were the things that produced results. You unadulterated desire.

As humans, we are social. It is a societal norm.

As humans, we are also very selfish, putting our personal wants and desires before others in order to get what we want.

When you look at those who have helped you accomplish something, was it purely to see you succeed? Or was there other intention because your success brought something to the person aiding you?loneliness studies

Think About It….

So why are we be afraid to be alone?

Frankly, facing ourselves is quite painful.

Our addictions, our peculiarities, our places

for improvement shine through with no shadows to conceal them.

We lose the ability not to face ourselves.

We lose the ability to not hear our inner voice asking for changes.

We lose the ability to ignore right purpose, desire and higher self.

We left with only our truths – and it is unbearable.

Only at first…so that is why….

My challenge to you is to BE ALONE.

Explore the world.

Explore yourself.

Learn what that small voice inside you started to whisper

and is now RAGING and ACHING for you to understand.

So you can go and become it – the thing you are supposed to be.

And you be free.

And you be happy.  

Something that is yours by divine right.

Reflect On It:

She was stronger alone – Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

I restore myself when I’m alone. – Marilyn Monroe

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