sweetgreen leveraged data to design food shops

Sustainable food shop sweetgreen leveraged customer behavior to design data-driven retail stores sand mobile apps This month, sweetgreen, the destination for simple, seasonal, healthy food launched their new mobile app for iOS. The new app brings together online ordering, payment and sweetgreen rewards, allowing salad loving, farm-to-table enthusiasts the ability to order their healthy fare easily. It allows the customer to visually create their salad while calculating nutritional and caloric information, all of which rolls into the iPhone Health app. sweetgreen also lets you reorder your favorites in just five clicks, and even call an Uber to pick up your salad. Best of all, it shortens the line we’ve all stood in during a lunch rush. “We’ve reconfigured the back of house operation and created a separate pickup line for app and online orders to further enhance the sweetgreen in-store experience”, says Nathaniel Ru, co-founder and co-CEO. “In the fast-casual space, our app is the first of its kind to offer a more efficient solution for eating healthier on-the-go and we’re really excited to share our innovative platform with our customers.” Since I was in Los Angeles during the launch, I decided to test it out, as well as inspect … Continue reading sweetgreen leveraged data to design food shops