As human beings, we want one thing –– to be happy. As an individual, happiness is subjective. For one, happiness is to be loved. For another, happiness is money. For yet another, it is _______________(insert your definition here).

We seek happiness in so many ways/physical things. Habits and  material support happiness to some degree -– as it is both tangible and intangible. However defined, it is important to realize that happiness goes beyond trend – beyond what culture tells you it is defined as.

Happiness is only defined by its holder. If you are conscious of to what fulfills you, aware of what lets you rest at night, even  allows you to be; then you know what happiness is. Delete society, culture and media from your mind. Find you’re own truths, define your own happiness.

Whether a tiny house or mansion, a nomadic life or a communal life; whether it is being a social butterfly or leading a reclusive existence – live how life suits you. I know what holds my heart, anchors my spirit and defines my happiness…Do you?