Why Facebook Is Building Creativity Into Its Workplace

Mark Zuckerburg believes creativity is key to Facebook’s future success; the art created in Facebook’s AnalogLab is designed to bring it out.Last week, Mark Zuckerburg shared a photo album on Facebook that gives people an inside look at Facebook’s headquarters –– which is filled with art created by the company’s employees. All the pieces were created in the company’s AnalogLab, a group of creative maker spaces found within the walls of our most loved social network internationally.  According to AnalogLab, the space’s primary goal is to create and direct projects that influence culture and challenge though:

“We ask questions and we build things. Then we ask questions about the things we built. Hopefully somewhere along the way you start asking questions and building things too. It’s this cycle of creation, reflection, education, and provocation that drives our work.”

14581590_10103183416399811_1499403008902730707_nThe Lab’s projects are quite diverse. From screen printing to interesting kids activities, the art that is made within it is truly a personal reflection of its maker. Is it odd for a digital giant to have art as an outlet for its employees? The answer was a very simple NO –– in fact it is actually a great decision.

As a once employee and now consultant for large tech companies, I know from personal experience that finding non-digital hobbies and activities can be challenging, but they are necessary. The ability to create a critical component of being able to produce. Research has shown that when employees take a break from their technology, the immediate result is that creativity starts to flow.  By looking at art stimulate your creative brain, buy creating art you boost your ability to learn by up to 18%.14632820_10103183416035541_2244164910088928659_n

Clearly this fact isn’t lost on Zuckerburg or those that are participants of the project. And given that 60% of senior executives believe creativity is critical to effective leadership, it’s no wonder that Facebook also has an artist in residence program.  “We’ve had local artists come in and paint the walls to inspire creativity and create an evolving environment, said Zuckerburg. “The Lab also runs our Artists-in-Residency program where emerging artists from the local community and around the world come to Facebook to experiment with our campus as their canvas.”  

In a time where more and more workers feel like they are being forced to produce rather than create, companies like Facebook are circumventing job dissatisfaction and burnout. By doing that, they will no doubt retain the very best of their talent as the dual needs of the brain are met.