Living – And Writing About – A More Meaningful Life

It’s 5:48 on a Monday night. I’ve been sitting here, updating my website with articles not yet published. Since I started writing in 2007, the act of pushing something of value and substance calmed my mind and brought me a great sense of joy. Today, as I put two new pieces into the world, I found myself thinking, “Why did I publish these?”

While I knew why I wrote them, I couldn’t figure out what value they really held. For the first time, I felt no joy in showcasing something I’d worked so hard to create. It was empty. As I scrolled back through my digital web pages, I began to see just how sporadic my writing had become. Less than 20 posts written per year, when I used to create hundreds out of passion and love.

Had the writer in me lost her voice? Had she lost her passion? No, she’d lost her focus. She’d lost it because she’d become distracted by things that subconsciously she knew didn’t matter.  The realization that her greatest talent had begun to rot, broke her heart. The voice that once so clearly spoke in digital ink doubted the words itself and had almost forgot to stop talking.

So as of today, there will no more articles like you see preceding this one. I’ll not tear down what’s here, but what comes after this post will be drastically different and worth your reading. The business stuff will move over to our company site – The Wright Consulting Co. – for your continued business knowledge development. The exploration of farming, agriculture, and a more meaningful life will live here.