For The Love Of Horses & Healing

Three years ago, I left Los Angeles. At first, I was headed to Colorado, and then wind turned Northwest (specifically to the Pacific Northwest) instead of Northeast, and I ended up in Seattle, Washington. Last October, the wind turned again and sent me back to my long-time home of LA (or as close to it as a now Washington girl could stand – Calabasas). The work I do (and love) brought me back for a few years, but so did something else that was much greater. My love of horses.

Two women that I’ve known for nearly 15 years that have run a small equitherapy group, known as Let’s Ride Therapeutic Equestrian Program, needed my help in marketing and business. While I’d done a lot over the years with them, it’s mainly been remote, and it had simply been too long since I’d been actively involved in their work the way I wanted to be.

Coming back to Los Angeles was a hard decision (a story worth sharing at another time), but when I looked at what my dear friends needed, it helped make the decision way more tolerable and exciting. I’d sent my beloved quarter horse to them for use in their program a year before and I couldn’t stop missing the smell of his muzzle in the mornings.

When I coupled the ability to do great work, being with my horse (aka Big Sexy Horsie Man), and always have the option to run away to the barn whenever the beautiful City of Angels became too much, I was in. So as I packed up my Washington life and headed back to LA to resume the work I’d spent years building, and also serve as their Director of Communications.

I’ll start to recount individual experiences and reflections as this new chapter in life unfolds. The lessons I’m learning in the world of non-profit will be worth a read, but the lessons from the horses are way more interesting.

Thus far, I’ve learned and/or reminded myself:

  1. I’ll never not have my horses in my life again. No matter where I go or what I do, they will be in the trailer behind the truck or in the barn stalls (that I most likely live above!).
  2. Analog hobbies are the best cure-all for the digital dependence and neurosis that technology brings into our lives minute by minute.
  3. My horses get what my horses want – even before myself! Whether it’s healthy or not, that’s the way it is! Every horse lover knows this!
  4. You’re never too old to buy a pony (or small horse), as you get older, being closer to the ground is really nice!
  5. Doing something that’s greater than yourself is the most grounding, rewarding experience in the world. Working with animals that help kids and adults with disabilities is humbling and instantly shows you the meaning of life. Which is something that’s hard to put into words.

Way more to come on horses, California and making big life decisions that you ask God if he’s utterly crazy for having you make next week! Feel free to follow the horses on Instagram or via Facebook.