Every second Sunday, magic happens in Sacramento. Where do you find magic in this sweet little city? Well, you head down to X and 21st Streets. Well, the “magic” actually runs across a few of our numbered blocks (20th – 22nd to be exact). What is this magical place? Well, it’s not really a place, it’s an event called the Sacramento Antique Faire.

The second Sunday of every month, starting at 6:30 AM, for $3 you can take trips back in time, stroll down memory lane and also have flashbacks of the history class you never were able to pass — all at once.

As you shop, it’s best to do this with a cup of coffee in hand, Temple and Old Soul are not that far, so grab an Oat Mylk latte or a nice cup of a single origin pour over before you spend the next two to four hours creating your own personal shopping path.

As a recent transplant in search of her first house, the antique faire is a godsend for anyone looking to furnish their newly acquired digs with furniture and accessories that don’t all hail from IKEA and pack flat shipping websites like Overstock. For the same price as a finely made particleboard dresser, you can find an early 20th-century piece made by hand, by some unknown maker.

And for those of you, that like me, maybe in the process of getting a home in need of a serious reno, you can find less than perfect pieces (look at the photo above!) that will make fantastic vanities or other unique built-ins. I don’t know about you, but I personally love things that will continue to stand the test of time.

For those of you not in the “major furniture” acquisition market, the antique faire has something for you too. Whether it’s vintage clothing and boots, bed linens, home or seasonal decor, you’re sure something that would make the tens of thousands of readers of Apartment Therapy envious and make your Instagram like count go way up when using #MyHomeVibe as you show it off.

For me, exploring the antique faire is a monthly must. The decor, accessories and vintage finds I get here are just as amazing as they are at the Rose Bowl or at Long Beach Flea — but with much better prices (after all, this is Sac, we haven’t hit LA or SF pricing yet).

So whether you have a thing for leather, horns, hides, and taxidermy or you simply need to feed your inner farmhouse style child, you must check it out!

What will you find when you explore it?