One of my most favorite people in agriculture is Dillon Honcoop. Dillon is the marketing lead for Save Family Farming in Washington, as well as the creator of the Real Food, Real People Podcast, a series dedicated to telling the stories of food producers in our state. Dillon and I connected last year when I was still in California and kept in touch for months. Once I finally got back to Washington, we started coordinating recording an episode for his show about how I fell in love with food, farming and agriculture.

You can listen to the episode on iTunes, Spotify or watch the video on the website! In the interview, Dillon and I talk about:

  • How I fell in love with food and how my research on food, health and nutrition lead me to three years of learning about meat production, soil health, and what growing food actually took.
  • How I let go of many of the ideas I had about food and farming and accepted multiple ways of production once I learned how hard farming actually is.
  • How I’ve redefined my ideas of what sustainability mean and how all organic, regenerative and sustainable aren’t achievable.
  • How consumers need to curb their consumption and be willing to pay higher prices for humanely raised high-quality meat. How large commercial food companies need to put producers ahead of profit (just a bit more).
  • How I’ve navigated threats of violence because I believe and support animal agriculture.
  • How we’ve made our relationships with food and health complicated, and it really doesn’t have to be. We simply need to nourish ourselves with real food grown by real people.
  • How people have rejected many of my articles on meat production because they are determined to view all livestock producers as evil people who want to destroy our environment (even though I should a much different picture).
  • How we need more women in farming and food; and how land needs to be made readily available to them.
  • How Washington is home to amazing food start-ups like Kindfood, Local Yokels and Barn2Door.