Who I Am & What I Do

seattle food and health writer

Hello, I’m Macala.

I’m a woman who loves cowboy boots, bow hunting, traveling the backroads, and wide-open spaces. Growing up, my family managed a 1200-acre farm in Minnesota that was dedicated to livestock and crop production. Like many girls who grow up in small towns, my mother longed for a city life so she moved us when she had a chance. 

While cities were exciting, I found they never really suited me. My heart was always homesick for the wide-open spaces I’d been raised on. In 2015, I couldn’t deny my heart any longer; I left life in large cities and began to explore small towns in Washington. This last fall, as I was walking a trail I’d ventured down so many times with my dogs along the Tolt River in Carnation, Washington, I finally decided to scale back the company I’d built to focus on the three things I truly loved to do –– farming, food and storytelling. 

Why? Because I realized that the conversations surrounding food, farming and health weren’t getting any easier to understand.  In fact, they were getting more confusing. And now, after COVID-19, the ability to keep small businesses and local retail alive have joined the complex situation our economy is in.

The Conversations Surrounding Small Businesses, Food & Farming Are Complex

 Because many writers had never ventured outside of metropolitan areas, that writing only held a singular point of view.  I saw that many good farms, food producers, agricultural, health and wellness companies were struggling to tell their stories in order to address customer concerns in a relevant way. And I decided to help change that. 


If your company needs help creating more compelling narratives, crafting better stories and developing copy that resonates with your audience on a deeper, more authentic, level I can help you do that. 

washington food farming writer

What I Specialize In:

  • Visual Storytelling & Content Strategy
  • Journalism, Blogging & Writng
  • Video and Photography

 What I Create:

  • Narrative and Copy That Informs
  • Images and Articles People Share
  • Websites That Help Businesses Thrive

I’ll Lend You My Expertise In:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Data Analysis
  • USDA Regulations
  • Food Safety + Compliance Laws
  • Animal Butchery
  • Small and Regional Business Success


     Raven Rock Ranch | Redmond, Washington

    It’s 2020, and the world has been turned upside down by COVID-19. Like many small businesses, ranches, food establishments and non-profits, my small company has lost a great deal of revenue.  Like you, we applied for grants, a small PPP loan, and ad credits from Google and Facebook. And like many of you, we didn’t receive or qualify for them due to so many factors beyond our control.

    While it was disheartening, I realized I still had much more than many other small businesses and non-profits. Because I’m blessed to still have income, I’ve decided to pledge 5% of my profit each quarter to a worthy animal-related cause. For April, May, and June, I’m supporting Raven Rock Ranch in Redmond, Washington. Raven Rock provides therapeutic riding lessons to children with developmental disorders.

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