Who I Am & What I Do

Macala Wright Agriculture

Hello, I’m Macala.

I’m a woman who loves cowboy boots, horses, traveling the backroads, and wide open spaces. Growing up, my grandparents ran a 1200-acre farm in Minnesota that was dedicated to livestock and crop production. Like many girls who grow up in small towns, my mother longed for city life and moved us when she had a chance. 

While cities were exciting, I found they never really suited me. My heart was always homesick for the wide-open spaces I’d been raised on. Every chance I could get, I’d pack my bags and hit the highway to explore the backroad towns that time had forgotten. 

As the pandemic rocked our worlds in 2020, I used it to make drastic changes to live in a way that fit my love of food, farming and small town life. I found a ranch, bought horses, and decided to scale back the company I’d built to focus on the three things I truly loved to do –– horses and using my passion for data and analytics to help women-owned e-commerce businesses that I believe in flourish. 

I help purpose driven, women-led companies become more profitable by helping them understand their customer data and website analytics. 

Today, consumers are asking the brands they buy from questions they’ve never asked before. Why? Because they want to buy products and services from companies that share their values and beliefs as individuals.

I see so many amazing, women-owned, purpose-driven companies trying to provide the information they think customers want across all channels. Often, it misses the mark. It’s either not the right information, it’s the wrong channel, or it’s something the customer doesn’t care about at all.

So, how do companies figure out what it is important to their customers and how do they translate into action? The answer is simple: by looking at data. 

And in order to do that, you need much better data about where you customers are, how they find you, and what they do when come to your website. And that’s something I can help you with

Google Analytics for Agriculture

What I Specialize In:

  • Business Strategy
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Data Studio
  • Rescuing Roadside Pups

I’ll Also Lend You My Expertise In:

  • Amazing Expertise in All Things Digital
  • Understanding of FDA & USDA Regulations
  • Passion for Food Safety + Compliance Laws
  • Figuring Out What’s Going To Happen Next
  • Defending small children from evil roosters


    What I Believe In & Who I Serve

    I work with women-owned, purpose-driven e-commerce companies who offer a wide range of products and services. I am a woman who believes in honest conversations, transparent practices and evidence-based research. I never form an opinion until I have all the necessary facts. My core value is: INTEGRITY. I will always be honest, transparent, and ethical in my work with you. 

    P.S. If you’re a women-owned food, agriculture or ranch, be well aware that I know there are many ways to produce and raise food, I do not support one way of product. I believe in feeding people. When it comes to finding the facts, I conduct my own research and have numerous conversations with the people doing the work before I make a decision on something. Because of how diverse our ecosystem and food supply chain are, I’m always learning and unlearning new ways to view these industries.  What I care most about is that you give a damn about people, animals or our planet. 

    See How I Can Help You Develop Deeper Insights

    Do you need better data, analytics and insights?  Send me a consulting or a general inquiry. 

    General Inquiries

    Macala, your capacity for absorbing new information and being change agile is more advanced than any corporation, or individual person themselves is capable of.

    Gwen Guarino

    Director of SEM, Rose Marketing Solutions Texas