Ag & Food PR Pros 

Stephanie Machale | LinkedIn

Laura Handke | LinkedIn
PR for Agriculture – Conventional and Regenerative
Host AGI SureTrack CoffeeTalk Podcast


Website Design and Development

Michele Ackerman | LinkedIn

Marketing & Content Strategy 


Executive Education and Coaching

Brittany Ferguson | LinkedIn
Holistic Nutritionist
Sustainable Food Systems/Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

Agriculture & Food Writers 

Amy Carpenter-Driscoll | LinkedIn
Translating Agricultural Information into Understandable Content For Growers

Georgie Smith | LinkedIn
Freelance Food & Ag Tech Writer

Beverly Matoney | LinkedIn
Content Agribusiness and AgTech

B2B Ag, Food & Health Writers

Jaclyn Krymowski | LinkedIn
Freelance Agribusiness Writer

Jackie Smith | LinkedIn
Content copywriter for B2B Regenerative Ag Suppliers

Mryna Stark | LinkedIn
PR and Writing for Agriculture – Canada

My Food Podcast

#LoveFood, LoveYourself

Each season, I create seven episodes on food & our relationships with food. The first seasons covers what the nutritional needs for women over 40. It also debunks food allergies, supplements, and other diet fads. 

nutrition for black women

My Book on Nutriton

Love Food, Love Yourself

This book is written for multi-ethnic women over 40 who have started the journey to becoming happier and healthier individuals. It’s written to help you develop a deeper understanding of nutrition.