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A Look at Organic Food in Washingtion

Summer has finally hit Washington; it hasn’t rained in Seattle in nearly two weeks. I’ve heard of the elusive “dry period” since my initial move here and am finally pleased to meet her. The last 18 months have had crazy weather; long, cold winters followed extremely stormy springs and falls – I think last summer was all but three weeks. The weather is supposed to…

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Don’t Do Things That Bring You No Joy

There’s a folder in my inbox called Insights, it’s the destination for a handful of email newsletters that I regularly read. Among those is DesignLuck, a few months ago author Zat Rana wrote a question that slowly began to eat at my soul, thus becoming the focus of my writing this week. Rana asked: “How much time do you spend on things that bring you…

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Sell or Buy Antiques Online – Here’s Where To Shop!

The closes of my friends know that I’m a vintage and antique junkie. If there’s a mall, barn or event like Round Top, you’ll find me there. Recently, I picked up a really awesome client project with an antique group – The U.S. Antiques Shows (which is part of one of our larger clients) and now I get to write about something I love. Here’s…

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