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Discovery During Transformational Years

Throughout any woman’s lifetime, there are a series of years that she can consider highly transformational. During those years, she often feels like she’s experiencing handling more things, all at once (spiritual shifts, loss, gain, changes), than in other periods of her life. From the joy of new accomplishments to the pain that comes with letting go of things, a transformational year throws her life…

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The Wonder of Wanderlust – Travel to Get Outside Yourself

In the past decade, I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and London. I had the opportunity to live in and/or spend long periods of time in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Santa Fe, and Seattle. I always thought my desire to travel was grand and my willingness to go to new places was a strength.

How To Market Your Horse Business Online

In the past few years, I’ve developed relationships with a lot of people who run horse boarding businesses. I’ve come to learn that running a horse boarding business is no small task, no matter the size of your business. For most of them, marketing their business is the second biggest challenge in making them successful (the first is running it and dealing with the finances)….

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A Look at Organic Food in Washingtion

Summer has finally hit Washington; it hasn’t rained in Seattle in nearly two weeks. I’ve heard of the elusive “dry period” since my initial move here and am finally pleased to meet her. The last 18 months have had crazy weather; long, cold winters followed extremely stormy springs and falls – I think last summer was all but three weeks. The weather is supposed to…

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