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I love to empower  my clients with data and insights they need to make more informed decisions. In just a day, I can set-up Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console and build you beautifully branded visual dashboards that show you who your audiences are, what they want from you, and what they are purchasing. 

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Sometimes you need a sounding board or a second set of eyes. Sometimes you extra brain to help you think through new ideas or someone to quickly research new programs you want to launch. Sometimes, you need someone to tell you what’s working and what’s not. See how I can help.

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Sometimes data, marketing, operations, and managing your company can be overwhelming. And sometimes, a second set of eyes or another POV is something you need to help you find the next steps forward. In a 90-minute session, we will meet virtually on video and I’ll give you feedback and direction on ONE issue you’re currently having in the business plus your three next steps to tackle it! 



Google-Powered Data To Help Your Business Grow

Your website is everything. It’s the central hub of your business, the place where your customers discover and learn all about you. What’s more, it’s the connection point of discovery, search, and commerce. In the past, you could have a simple site that had basic information and not much else.

But times have changed. With the advancements in voice search and mobile, creating an effective website has many more moving pieces. Overly that with how you content is laid out, how your customers interact with it, and how Google uses all these interactions to rank your content, it’s a whole new game.

Google Analytics & Data 

Google Analytics may be free, but it is far from simple. For food, farming, agricultural, and health companies, Google Analytics holds massive amounts of insight and valuable data if set-up correctly. My team and I will audit your current analytics in order to make sure it’s configured correctly. From there, we’ll work with you to set up goals and events to track your most important business goals and objectives.

Our comprehensive audits ensure that Google Analytics and Tag Manager are set-up and implemented correctly.  Our audits are extremely detailed, and we’ll interpret your existing data, recommend solutions to better aggregate and track that data, and then provide a detailed, actionable list of recommendations to make Google Analytics work better for you. You can choose to implement recommendations, or we can do it for you.

Google Tag Manager & Data Studio: Dashboards, Reporting, & Insights

My team and I believe in and love making data-driven decisions, it’s why we’re all Google Analytics and/or Ads certified (we have some other fancy stuff too). But we never lose the human touch of interpretation of that data. If you’ve worked with us on audits or website reviews and would like us to implement our recommendations, we will. We know that having properly configured Google Analytics and Tag Manager accounts are the foundation of having accurate data to work with when you’re making business decisions.

Ongoing Advisory, Reporting, and Consulting

Sometimes clients want us to stay on board after we’ve audited and implemented our Google programs. If we’ve worked well together, we’d love to help you continue to extract meaningful and actionable insights from your data, as well as continually improve your marketing programs. 

We love to work with senior-level executives to continue to analyze and review campaign data in order to help make sense of it all. We can set-up weekly or bi-monthly calls, weekly emails, and quarterly reviews to help you stay on track. We offer a competitive monthly retainer and you can customize the services and use the hours as you like.

We would be lost without Macala! She is so knowledgeable and so efficient. She also is so adept at gracefully meeting us where we are at in terms of our own capacity and learning curve.  Her knowledge about data combined with her passion for responsible food production make her the perfect match for us. 

Camas Davis

Co-Founder, The Good Meat Breakdown

With so much consumer confusion in the market, Macala is helping us use analytics to cut through to what our audience actually cares about and wants to learn more about. What’s more, she’s been willing to guide me in how I can read into our data myself without having to constantly rely on her. 

Alexandra Lunt

Communications Manager, Armonia LLC

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