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Is The Food You Eat Killing You?

June 5, 2018

Normally I’m not a fan of drastic blog post titles, but in this case, I’m going to make an exception. In the last decade of losing weight, exercising and retraining my brain to want what it really needs, I learned the biggest factor to being healthy is looking at what you put into your body.


Sell or Buy Antiques Online – Here’s Where To Shop!

April 8, 2018

The closes of my friends know that I’m a vintage and antique junkie. If there’s a mall, barn or event like Round Top, you’ll find me there. Recently, I picked up a really awesome client project with an antique group – The U.S. Antiques Shows (which is part of one of our larger clients) and now I get to write about something I love. Here’s the latest piece: As the world has become more digital, selling high-end antiques has moved beyond events and stores to the web. Antique and collectible dealers are often cautious in selling online. In order to sell with confidence and get the prices your items are worth, there are seven websites you should consider as part of your online selling strategies.


For The Love Of Horses & Healing

March 4, 2018

Three years ago, I left Los Angeles. At first, I was headed to Colorado, and then wind turned Northwest (specifically to the Pacific Northwest) instead of Northeast, and I ended up in Seattle, Washington. Last October, the wind turned again and sent me back to my long-time home of LA (or as close to it as a now Washington girl could stand – Calabasas).

Living Worth Reading

Aim for a Mindful, Not Minimal, Life

February 15, 2018

Can you recall the name of the latest self-actualization article you’ve read on the web this month? Raise your hand if you have attempted –– and tragically failed at achieving what it said to do. Raise your hand if you’ve discovered:

  1. Being a digital nomad isn’t for you.
  2. Hygge didn’t make you happy.
  3. KonMari didn’t declutter your mind after decluttering your home.
  4. Becoming a minimalist only prompted you to buy more things.