ALDO Shoes 40th Anniversary

aldo40-1 ALDO Group partners with social platform BumeBox to create interactive content site for consumers to celebrate its 40th anniversary

ALDO Group, one of the leading fashion shoe retailers in the world, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. To continue its innovative use of social technologies, ALDO has now leveraged BumeBox, a real-time digital experience platform, to socialize an immersive content hub for consumers, brand enthusiasts and fashion industry insiders. is a 40-day, digital journey through the brand’s evolution. The site serves as a multi-tiered story engine, through rich photography, videos and curated editorial. Each day, one more piece of the story is told and is the brand’s revolution is revealed. To add depth to its story, ALDO has designed a series of contests, live chats and interviews that encourage fans to contribute their own ALDO stories to the site content.

Powered by Bumebox, ALDO has overlaid social conversation from fans on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to be interwoven into the brand story over the course of 40 days. Fan contributions are aggregated from social networks by the #ALDO40 hashtag. Fans may also contribute stories directly from the site.

Metrics: In the first two days of its launch, the site logged 15,000 unique visitors, 1500 email sign ups and more than 1.5 million social media impressions across Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.


BumeBox creates customized, experience-based programs for brands that can include the following features:

  • Social Integration – Builds a viral environment as followers join the conversation; attracts new participants and potential customers.
  • Branding – Completes brand customization with just a couple clicks in an environment that consumers view as an extension of a website.
  • Commerce – Enables purchases within the platform; makes it easy for customers to buy on-site with one click.
  • Analytics – Optimizes social media strategy through valuable intelligence from BumeBox’s proprietary analytics.
  • Multimedia elements – Abilities to add video, audio or clips to enhance the experience

ALDO’s Digital Success

In 2012, ALDO extended its three integral brand values: love for work, respect for each other and for customers, and integrity in business from its traditional and real world marketing strategy into its digital strategy. In order to create seamless in-store and online experiences,’s content and social media campaign were build upon those foundations. The results from the 40-day project were:

Social Data & Analytics:

  •  Potential Social Impressions: 21.8 Million
  •  Total Website Visits: 132,547
  • Total Unique Online Users Reached: 2.08 Million
  • Total Visits over 30sec: 12,857
  • Total Tweets Processed: 3,952
  • Images Processed: 1,835
  • Posts containing #ALDO40 hashtag: 3,398

The potential social impressions were 21.8 million across Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram, which is approximately $272,500 in terms of overall earned media value.