Original YouTube Series


GOAL: Use YouTube as a platform to distribute exclusive Radio station interviews, singer freestyles and in-studio performances to drive YouTube viewers to tune-in to Power 106’s morning radio programming or to listen via the streaming app.

STRATEGY: Develop content suited to the YouTube audience. Wrote and scripted video formats that would gain views, as well as drive tune-in. New formats were extremely successful.

RESULTS: Drove a 57% increase in YouTube channel subscribers and 58+ million minutes of viewed video content in six months. Power 106 achieve #1 live listening morning show in the Los Angeles market, beating Ryan Seacrest at KSS FM. We successfully relaunched and positioned Power106.com as an original media outlet. Increased YouTube ad revenue to $8,000 per month.

Video No.1: How Kiesza Became An EDM Star

Video No.2: How Jon “Bones” Bones On Self Belief

Video No.3: Jhene Aiko x Yesi Ortiz In-Studio Exclusive

Video No.4: Rising Hip Hop – What You Aren’t Listening To and Should

Video No. 5: New Music – What Kids Are Listening To

Video No. 6: What BIGGIE Meant To Hip Hop