Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Design Template

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Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Design Template


We’ve Made Our Best Resource FREE to Marketers

When it comes to Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords, one of the biggest challenges for agencies, brands and marketing departments is developing successful campaign creative and copy. In the latest edition of our template, you’ll find a 20-page ad creation guide that explains how this tool can be used to create successful social and paid ads from the start! The e-product includes the master Facebook and Instagram templates which include video, carousel, and multi-image planning. You’ll also find two Google Ads templates, one for base campaign creations, plus a more comprehensive one that includes responsive ad planning and triple headline ads, ad call outs, site links and snippets. This template doesn’t include event or stories planning.


Developing Ad Campaigns Just Got A Whole Lot Easier!

When it comes to Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords, one of the biggest challenges for agencies, brands and marketing departments is developing successful campaign creative and copy. When creating client ad campaigns, we’ve found that one of the biggest challenges lies in gathering creative and ad copy assets needed in order to develop successful campaigns. The problem is twofold:

  1. First, the client (or company) doesn’t understand creative ad requirements of the platforms we’re using to promote products and services;
  2. Second, the client (or company) has trouble identifying the correct language that they must use ineffective ad copy.

More simply put, they don’t understand the right types of words and images that will yield the most success. In order to simplify this effort, we created the WCC Campaign Grid to streamline the process and help us get into market faster. We’ve found it enormously effective in helping clients co-create their digital advertising campaigns alongside our efforts without hindering ad performance and results.

How We Developed The Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads Campaign Grid

We developed the WCC Campaign Grid after conducting exhaustive research aimed at developing a tactical tool (based on the best practices for advertising with Facebook, Instagram and Google) that we could use for quicker, more efficient campaign development. When we discovered that the resources currently available on the market were either 1) too complex for most clients to use and/or 2) the simple systems were based on somewhat faulty information, the grid was born.

We set out to develop something that was simple to use based on industry best practices, that advertising platforms themselves have outlined. We then integrated our own experiences and client best practices developed over many years, working with a myriad of markets and industries, into the most powerful and comprehensive advertising tool we’ve ever worked with. The end result was to help our clients –– and now, other agencies and marketers –- come out way ahead of the curve in their online advertising efforts. Because of our success with the WCC Campaign Grid, we decided to templatize our Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads templates for agencies and companies.

Who Should Use The Facebook, Instagram & Google Ads Campaign Grid

This grid is not for beginners, it’s for marketers and agencies with intermediate to advanced knowledge of Google, Facebook and Instagram advertising. It is also built to help support medium to large-sized B2B and B2C companies with adequate advertising budgets, who are serious about developing effective paid ad campaigns. The grid is not specifically intended for small business or e-commerce, though it may be applicable in many use cases. If you are looking to strengthen and streamline some of the more advanced advertising processes while maintaining flexibility for multiple campaigns or clients, this is the solution for you. Folks who are already benefitting from the WCC Campaign Grid:

  • Independent advertising consultants with multiple Adwords and/or Facebook clients
  • Small, digital advertising agencies looking to streamline processes
  • Business owners that have advanced knowledge of Adwords and/or Facebook ads

So what are you waiting for? Start designing better Facebook, Instagram and Google Ad campaigns today!