Content Strategy

I work with you to find your story, your truth, your why. Together, we create the narrative to tell that story, truth and why to others.

Your Story, Your Truth, Your Why.

In marketing today, content is key. The content you create drives multiple goals. But how you create and use content has changed…and it’s always evolving. Brand voice and brand stories are the foundation of all creative and content efforts. It’s how that story is translated into the creative and content assets that have changed. Today, pretty pictures aren’t enough – effective content incorporates multiple sources of data and overall business goals.  You need to create effective stories backed by data. In order to do that, you’ve got to craft a content strategy that is inclusive of your data, your customers (or desired customers), and your business objectives and goals. And I’m the woman who can help you create it.


  • Website & Current Content Audit
  • Brand Q&A Session
  • Competitor Review & Research
  • Customer Persona Research*
  • Brand Voice & Story Development*

    Phase II

    • Content Strategy Development
    • Editorial Planning & Calendar Creation
    • Content Ideation Session
    • Audience Segmentation & Persona Development*
    • Goal Development & Measurement*

    Phase III

    • Team Training
    • Writing & Creation Guidelines*
    • Content Best Practices*
    • Social Media Best Practices*
    • Conversion & Optimization*


    *Additional services that can be added to strategy development.

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