Content Strategy

I work with you to find your story, your truth, your why. Together, we create the narrative to tell that story, truth and why to others.

Your Story, Your Truth, Your Why.

In marketing today, content is key. The content you create drives multiple goals. But how you create and use content has changed…and it’s always evolving. Brand voice and brand stories are the foundation of all creative and content efforts. It’s how that story is translated into the creative and content assets that have changed.

Today, pretty pictures aren’t enough – effective content incorporates multiple sources of data and overall business goals.  You need to create effective stories backed by data. In order to do that, you’ve got to craft a content strategy that is inclusive of your data, your customers (or desired customers), and your business objectives and goals. And I’m the woman who can help you create it.


  • Website & Current Content Audit
  • Brand Q&A Session
  • Competitor Review & Research
  • Customer Persona Research*
  • Brand Voice & Story Development*

    Phase II

    • Content Strategy Development
    • Editorial Planning & Calendar Creation
    • Content Ideation Session
    • Audience Segmentation & Persona Development*
    • Goal Development & Measurement*

    Phase III

    • Team Training
    • Writing & Creation Guidelines*
    • Content Best Practices*
    • Social Media Best Practices*
    • Conversion & Optimization*


    *Additional services that can be added to strategy development.

    How My Process Works

    When it comes to developing a content strategy, I don’t use pre-filled templates or maps. Depending on your industry, goals and content use goals, I customize the strategy I develop with you to meet your needs, no matter how simple or complex they may be. Here’s a better overview of my three phases. 

    Phase One - Discovery

    Phase One is our discovery and research phase. We’ll gather brand documents, identify competitors to review, conduct social media research, and identify how to position the product in the marketplace. We’ll then build a strategy based on the findings and our joint efforts.

    Phase Two - Development

    Based on our findings, as well as reviewing the current website and analytics, we’ll identify the types of content that need to be regularly created. We’ll then develop an editorial calendar and sync that calendar across your active marketing channels like email, social media, SEO and your e-commerce integrations. 

    Phase Three - Implementation

    We’ll establish an implementation timeline to make content work. Syndication best practices will also be developed. All your team and partners can provide feedback in order to make sure the strategy will work for everyone.

    Setting You Up For Success!

    Once the strategy is developed and approved, we’ll hold a training session for your team to implement the strategy and provide the best practices for managing your content marketing successfully. 

    Macala, your capacity for absorbing new information and being change agile is more advanced than any corporation, or individual person themselves is capable of.

    Gwen Guarino, PPC Expert and founder of PenGwen Marketing