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My Food Podcast

#LoveFood, LoveYourself

Each season, I create seven episodes on food & our relationships with food. The first seasons covers what the nutritional needs for women over 40. It also debunks food allergies, supplements, and other diet fads. 

nutrition for black women

My Book on Nutriton

Love Food, Love Yourself

This book is written for multi-ethnic women over 40 who have started the journey to becoming happier and healthier individuals. It’s written to help you develop a deeper understanding of nutrition.


At Home Gardening Classes

21 Acres created several videos for home gardeners and growers. Learn about turning food waste into compost, what to plant, and how to care for seeds!

Year-Round 2020

Reskilling The Farm

Alexia and Daniel offer two amazing classes year-round. The first is humane, small animal butchery. Learn to harvest poultry, rabbits, and goats at home. The second is gardening with pony power! Learn to work your garden with draft ponies.


The Duvall Food Forest

1/2 acre of public land created to design a food forest. Take classes, lease a garden plot of your own or volunteer to help develop the project. 


Local Roots

Duvall a town that I’ve loved since I first moved to Washington. Driving the 202 always reminds me of why I live here. Local Roots is a farmstand on that drive. You can stop any day and find fresh produce. They have a CSA program, but I love going there.

Summer 2020

Carnation Farms CSA

Participating in the Carnation Farm CSA Program allows you to support local growers and grazers. Our local food system is more important than ever, show your support by reserving summer produce. 

Summer 2020

Root Connection CSA

Root Connection is another local food CSA that lets Bellevue, Redmond, and Woodinville residents support local farmers. Buy non-GMO, organic veggies, fruit, and produce. 

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