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My Food Podcast

#LoveFood, LoveYourself

Each season, I create seven episodes on food & our relationships with food. The first seasons covers what the nutritional needs for women over 40. It also debunks food allergies, supplements, and other diet fads. 

nutrition for black women

My Book on Nutriton

Love Food, Love Yourself

This book is written for multi-ethnic women over 40 who have started the journey to becoming happier and healthier individuals. It’s written to help you develop a deeper understanding of nutrition.


Natural Horsemanship

Victoria teaches her clients how to work with their horses.  She strives for softness, balance, and understanding in the horse and rider. Learn more about her. 

Feral Woman Farm

Humanely Raised Meat

Feral Woman Farms offers humanely raised, pasture-centered poultry, lamb, goat and pork to Seattle area residents. Buy 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal. 

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