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Types of Companies I Work With:

Health, Food & Wellness
Associations, Councils & NGOs
Animal Welfare Groups
B2B Events 
Sustainability Projects

Let's Analyze & Strategize Together, It's Easy!

#1: You Need Help Making Sense Of Your Marketing
If you’re here, you have a marketing challenge you’re looking to solve or you’ve got some questions about how marketing could be more effective for your company. Well, I may have answers for you.
#2: Schedule A Discovery Call
Bring your challenges or questions to a conversation; schedule a 30 to 45-minute discovery call with me and let’s talk about what’s on your mind. It’s okay if scattered and not completely concrete, I can help you figure that out. All I need from you is the information you have, a timeframe you’re looking to work in and possibly your budget.
#3: Send Me What You Have
After our call, you’ll need to fill out my client questionnaire based on what we talk about and send any documentation that you may have that will help me develop a proposal for you.
#4: We’ll Get To Work
Once you’ve received my proposal, please review it and send me your questions. We can go through them and then we can finalize a project. Once you’ve signed, we’ll make marketing magic happen! It’s that simple.

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