Work With Me and My Team

I lead a small group of highly-trained strategists and analysts that provide marketing strategy, research, and analysis services for companies in the agricultural, food, outdoor, wellness, health and industries.

Our services are unique in we don’t operate on a one-size-fits-all model. Each and every project is custom tailored to every client’s unique set of needs. While we do work within industry best practices and a custom set of frameworks, we don’t have extraneous procedure manuals, task guides, or any fixed formulas that could potentially limit the success of the work we’re doing.

This affords us the freedom to find the right solutions that will bring the highest performance for you. So whether you need to do a small project like conducting a content program audit or you need to develop an entirely new digital marketing strategy, we can help.

Our expertise has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Ad Age, Adweek, and many other industry-specific publications such as Women’s Wear Daily and Business of Fashion.

With over a decade in business strategy, marketing, sales, and people management, we have designed several assessment programs that can be used to help you figure out how to navigate your current marketing challenges.


From assessing a single program like content marketing, to looking at how your marketing programs are performing across all channels,  our program reviews are designed to help assess and improve the return on your marketing dollars.


We provide consulting and advisory for marketing executives. We set up weekly or bi-monthly calls and weekly emails.


Your marketing can’t be effective if you don’t don’t understand who your audiences are and what they care about.  We work with you to identify what’s working in your marketing, what’s not and then create a roadmap to get your results back on track.


We work with senior level executives & digital teams to analyze and review program data in order to gain better results and insights.