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I’m a woman who loves cowboy boots, horses, backroads, and open spaces. Growing up, my family managed 1200 acres in the midwest dedicated to livestock and crop production. After 15 years in entertainment and corporate marketing, I decided to take my expertise and dedicate it to the industries – food, agriculture and wellness – I actually love. 

Leveraging my love of data and deep knowledge of marketing, I now work with the health, wellness and food industries to create extremely effective marketing, data and content programs.

The conversations around sustainability, agriculture, health and what it takes to actually produce food are growing; let’s be an active, factual and understandable resource for information by creating transparent, authentic marketing programs that showcase the best of our industry.

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Proud to Work With

Heartfelt words from my clients.

When working with me, you can expect deep research, honest answers, the creation of easy to understand  roadmaps to show you how I arrived at my conclusions and recommendations. At end of our analysis I’m pretty sure you’ll be thinking, “Those are our options? Wow – can we implement all of them?”

Karla Villalobos,
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Metagenics

“Thank you for helping our team learn to develop great strategies and implement our strategies in-house!”

Linh Vu,
Director of Marketing, California Association of Realtors

“Macala, you understand theory behind strategy. You always see the larger picture of what the brand needs. You give us honest answers based on the information available and we thank you for it!”

Camille Candella,
VP of Marketing, Emerald Expositions

“Your brain is wired in numbers and codes. You understand the importance of data and how to analyze it for future use. You’re in the minority group when it comes to this.”

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