It’s time to change how we think about farming and agriculture.

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I help food, agriculture, and farming companies build strategies based data and analytics.

What if your company knew exactly how the time, energy and money you invest in your business contributed to your growth?

If you work with me, I can tell you that.


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When working with me, you can expect deep research, honest answers, clear communication, and projects delivered on time.

Karla Villalobos,
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Metagenics

“Thank you for helping our team learn to develop great strategies and implement our strategies in-house!”

Linh Vu,
Director of Marketing, California Association of Realtors

“Macala, you understand theory behind strategy. You always see the larger picture of what the brand needs. You give us honest answers based on the information available and we thank you for it!”

Camille Candella,
VP of Marketing, Emerald Expositions

“Your brain is wired in numbers and codes. You understand the importance of data and how to analyze it for future use. You’re in the minority group when it comes to this.”

My Latest Articles

Plant-Based Burgers Vs. Beef Burgers: What’s Healthier?

Plant-Based Burgers Vs. Beef Burgers: What’s Healthier?

Originally Published September 20, 2020, Updated February 24, 2021 In the few years, I’ve watched the conversations around real meat and plant-based meat alternatives become one of the most talked about food trends of the year. True to media hype and Silicon Valley...

Humanely Raised, Humanely Slaughtered?

Humanely Raised, Humanely Slaughtered?

Understand how the meat you eat is harvested. The slaughter process is more humane than most people think, but it is still disturbing for most. Many people wonder, "Can it be more humane than it currently is?" Well, many countries are working on that. Read the article...

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