It’s time to change how we speak and think about food, farming, agriculture, and health.

Meet Macala Wright

I help food, farming, agriculture, tech and health companies create effective strategies and develop amazing content.

Content Strategy

Your story, your truth, your why. Let’s create a narrative to share that story with others.

Industries I Work With

Food, Farming, Agriculture, Health, Equine and Tech.

Content Development

Create emotional connections with your customers and turn them into loyal supporters.

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When working with me, you can expect deep research, honest answers, clear communication, and projects delivered on time.

Karla Villalobos,
Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, Metagenics

“Thank you for helping our team learn to develop great strategies and implement our strategies in-house!”

Linh Vu,
Director of Marketing, California Association of Realtors

“Macala, you understand theory behind strategy. You always see the larger picture of what the brand needs. You give us honest answers based on the information available and we thank you for it!”

Camille Candella,
VP of Marketing, Emerald Expositions

“Your brain is wired in numbers and codes. You understand the importance of data and how to analyze it for future use. You’re in the minority group when it comes to this.”

My Latest Articles

A Black Widow Bite isn’t Going to Kill You

A Black Widow Bite isn’t Going to Kill You

On the West coast, it’s spider season. We have fanciful arachnids of all types. Last year, as I renovated a midcentury house in California, I became all too familiar with black widows. And while we don’t have them in Washington, I wanted to write about these seemling...

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